About Dancing to God (and me)

Dancer Image (DTF6342896)We are all dancing to God, living our lives
in ever-widening circles that bring us farther and farther away from the “us”
that we have created and closer to the “us” that God envisions we can be. We are
all dancing toward God. But along the way we dance to music. And, at some point,
the music changes. Rather than dancing to the music of the streets, the music of
our earthly lives, we begin to hear a different song. We begin to dance to God.

Welcome! This blog is a collection of somewhat random thoughts and reflections based on the Revised Common Lectionary, other Scriptures, and my faith journey.  It is a dance, a dance to God.

I am Rev. Shelli Williams, a United Methodist pastor in the Texas Annual Conference living outside of Houston, TX with a rescued black lab named Maynard.  I currently am Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Wharton, TX.

I would love to hear from you, to hear of your own dance to God.

Grace and Peace,


Check out my other blogs:

  • “Journey to Penuel”–a weekly blog of my Scripture notes related to the Revised Common Lectionary.  Check it out at journeytopenuel.com
  • “Bread and Wine”–a Lenten study blog that I, admittedly, “repost” every year.  Check it out at http://breadandwinelentenstudy.wordpress.com/

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