Waiting to Be-Come

Most of us are so busy trying to become something that we often forget to be. God calls us to be–to be open, to be compassionate, to be ready, to be salt, to be light, to be for one another what Christ is for us. And while we are growing into our being, we are called to wait. When we are ready, when we are receptive, God will come and we will then become. So, once again, waiting is not passive. Waiting is not just sitting around until the world changes. Waiting is our time of being–just being with God. It is God’s coming into our lives that sparks our becoming.

So wait this season with purpose and intentional being. Be open to being and you will be open to God’s coming. And when God comes into our being, we become what we are fully meant to be. So, be salt; be light; be who God calls you to be. And wait. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Come that I may be-come.

So go forth and be!

Grace and Peace,


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